Toddler Programs

Toddlers are introduced to a prepared environment enriched by a community of Spanish native speaking teachers who believe in the full potential of a child’s ability to learn. SIMS offers a developmentally-appropriate toddler-designed curriculum that fosters independence, cognitive and language development, and strengthens fine and gross motor skills.

SIMS is extremely proud to offer your children a unique opportunity to effortlessly master a second language while obtaining a rich Montessori education. Our Spanish immersion program provides children a chance to acquire a second language naturally – with the goal of becoming bilingual – and thus enjoy the life-long benefits of bilingualism. Spanish is the target language spoken in the classroom in a spontaneous, informal and fun way. There are no formal expectations or assessments. Teachers speak to your children in Spanish at all times while identifying objects, making requests, playing games and singing songs in Spanish.

Toddlers develop some of their first relationships outside of the home in different environments, making this a very critical stage in their development. During their time in toddler class, our teachers make our students feel safe and loved. The SIMS environment and curriculum is designed to provide the warmth, welcome and stimulation that enable your child’s growth.

Our peaceful toddler classrooms are rich in materials that naturally stimulate explorative learning. During this sensitive developmental stage when the child is absorbing information at an exponential rate, the carefully prepared environment – appropriate size furniture, materials, Montessori learning activities, routines and relationships – aids children to reach their fullest potential.

The safe, loving, gentle atmosphere puts children and parents at ease and makes for a trusting, spontaneous transition to school. Toddlers come to school five days a week, and may choose to stay for mornings-only or for a full day program. Upon completion of the Toddler program, children join our Primary program.