We started at SIMS with our son almost three years ago, and we quickly realized how important their Spanish monastery program will be for our family. We enrolled our daughter in SIMS Nido as soon as she was old enough. SIMS has brought so much joy to my children during a time of chaos and uncertainty. SIMS provides structure while developing self-directed and independent children. The school has developed an online program that has really mastered the art of teaching and connecting with students online. Our 5 year old son is learning from home this year, and he has gotten so much out of this program already! He has fun playing and dancing during music lessons, enjoys learning about famous artists and recreating their work during art, and loves studying skeletons and learning about our bones during his lesson – all in Spanish! It’s really incredible. We were so worried this year wouldn’t be special for him missing school in person, but we’ve come to find this year at home is unique and special in its own way with help from his teachers.

Most importantly, with both of our kids enrolled at SIMS, we feel like the teachers and staff are our family; our kids revere them, and they know our children so well. They know how to teach them and how to reach them. It’s truly a special place.

Peter Alvarez a Father of two children- 5 and 3 yrs old-West Roxbury