You know a school is succeeding when your child begs to stay to the very last possible minute in the after school program. This has been our experience with Spanish Immersion Montessori School. When we were interviewing potential schools for our daughter, we were very interested in enrolling our daughter into a program that offered language enrichment. We visited with 3 other traditional schools, one of which was Spanish immersion, but none was the right fit. When we visited SIMS, though, things changed. We loved the Spanish immersion combined with the Montessori method. The decision was easy after we brought our daughter to the classroom to see how she did. She took to it immediately, and we haven’t looked back.

We see the impacts of the practical life aspects of the curriculum when our daughter gets excited to get the dinner table at home. We love the art enrichment program in the after school program and hearing from our daughter about the artist of the month that’s being studied. We sing along to the songs our daughter brings home. We review world geography and it’s a joy that she can correctly identify continents. Our daughter has a very firm grasp of Spanish and defaults to counting in Spanish.

And while all of this is wonderful, we feel that best of all, our daughter loves going to school so much, she’s telling all that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Thanks, SIMS, for starting our daughter’s formal education in such a special classroom with such incredibly dedicated and talented teachers!

Anjuli and Daniel, Parents of a 4 yr old-Newton