Our daughter is truly thriving at SIMS. Every day we watch as she enters the school with enthusiasm and leaves bursting with excitement. The teachers have encouraged her self confidence and independence, and nurtured a love of learning that will serve as a foundation for her educational experience throughout life. Their gentle trust in each child, coupled with a strong structure has provided a safe space for deep child-centered learning. We love that she is learning Spanish every day and that music and movement are integrated into the program in ways that allow our daughter to express her love of life in so many ways.

While we have loved SIMS since we started last year, after we returned this fall after the COVID shutdown in the spring and summer, we have an even deeper appreciation for the magic occuring in the classroom. Only a few days after returning, we could already see our daughter settling back into learning and growth in new ways and are so grateful she is able to spend every day in such a wonderful environment.

Have a great day!

Laura a mom of a 3 yr old from West Roxbury