Spanish Immersion

ABC Spanish in Motion is the official music and movement program incorporated in our curriculum to facilitate the daily Spanish immersion in our SIMS classroom.

Developing Cognitive, Physical, Emotional and Social Skills

We promote and develop Spanish language skills through music and songs that allows for a long period of listening and developing comprehension along with responses to commands that require physical movement (TPR – Total Physical Response), poetry, games and stories every child will love. Our Montessori curriculum emphasizes learning as a process that can not be determined by a child’s age. Instead learning is a process that is determined by the rate and speed at which a child can acquire one skill before moving on to another skill. The Montessori Curriculum is based on Dr. Maria Montessori philosophy of peace. We believe in learning through the senses. Children learned better by touching, seeing, smelling, testing and exploring than just listening.

ABC Spanish in Motion has produced Spanish-language music to support its classes and as a wonderful tool to practice at home. The music is a mix of original works and interpretations of traditional music and children’s songs familiar across the Spanish-speaking world. Vocabulary is simple, with an emphasis on repetition but is also lively and entertaining and has a high replay value. Children will hear and learned many diverse rhythms and instruments common in music across Spain and Latin America. The music supports our seasonal curriculum.

Here is our musical Spanish immersion curriculum.

Volume 1

¡Que Llueva, Que Llueva! Llegó la Primavera

(Let it Rain, Let it Rain! Spring has Arrived)

Let it Rain, Let it Rain! Spring has Arrived! is a spring-themed album designed to introduce children to the Spanish language. We’ll dance, sing, and play while learning about ants, ducks, owls and farm animals as we travel throughout South America.


Volume 3

¡Es Otoño! Caen las Hojas

(It’s Autumn! Leaves Fall)

¡Es Otoño! Caen las Hojas is our first autumn-themed CD that focuses on fun summer themes. In the effort of conveying cultural elements, we were inspired by endangered animals from Central and South America as well as the rhythms of the places were we can encounter these animals.

Volume 4

¡Es Invierno! Juguemos con la Nieve

(It’s Winter! Let’s Play with the Snow)

“¡Es Invierno! Juguemos con la Nieve” is a winter-themed album that addresses familiar and fun winter themes such as snow, South American penguins, winter clothing, snowmen, and more. We also take children on rides through the Spanish-speaking world, naming countries from Mexico to Argentina and sampling native rhythms and instruments.

Volume 5

La Primavera Trae Sorpresas

(Spring Brings Surprises)

La Primavera Trae Sopresas” is our second spring-themed album in which you and your children will learn about magical things that happen during the spring. You’ll be transported to a farm to listen and learn not just about farm animals but also wild ones such as monkeys and penguins.

Volume 7

Mira las Hojas Caer

(Watch the Leaves Fall)

¡Es Otoño! Mira las Hojas Caer is our second fall-themed album, where children can sing, dance, and delight with the rhythms and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. We’ll travel to Andean countries to learn about llamas, alpacas, and the names of their native countries.

Volume 8

¡Es Invierno! Me Voy a Divertir

(It’s Winter! I’m Going to Have Fun)

¡Es Invierno! Me Voy a Divertir is second winter-themed, Spanish language CD. You’ll sing and dance to lively South American rhythms and learn about native and endangered animals. In the Andes Mountains you’ll talk with Andean Condors and Spectacled Bears.