SIMS at a Glance

Spanish Immersion Montessori School program offers an education for Life:

Language for little minds-Total Spanish immersion

We believe the best path to language acquisition is through total immersion in not just the language, but its cultures as well.

We believe that a magic window of opportunity for language acquisition exists from birth through six years of age and exposure to multiple languages improves a child’s ability to master languages in later years. Maria Montessori describes the sensitive period (0-6 years) for language as the most remarkable time. Montessori confirmed that the environment the child is exposed to greatly influences the richness of [a child’s] language.

A “Prepared Environment”

A prepared environment is a physical environment designed to be accessible to the children and encourage them to be independent.

We believe that lasting learning takes place most effectively through multi-sensory stimulation, allowing children to be naturally curious and learn and grow through their sense.

“Play is the work of a Child” Children will learn at their own pace through engaging in all classroom activities in the Spanish language.

Individualized Learning

girlEach student in our program is encouraged to develop a strong sense of his or her own abilities and responsibilities as individuals, and as members of a community. We hope and believe that each child will welcome his or her future, take his or her place in future classrooms with joy, confidence, and a true appreciation of and respect for self, others, and for the process of learning.

A Multi-age Classroom Environment

Mixed-age groups allow children to learn from each other and explore different social roles. A multi-age classroom will help the child’s confidence and self-efficacy. The ability to collaborate with others will be reflected upon their invaluable experiences as part of a community.

Music & Movement

We believe that children learn best by playing in a natural, fun, and musical environment, and thus interactive music and movement is explored daily in the program, accompanied by instruments, props, sign language, and other elements. A portion of the ABC curriculum consists of music composed and recorded by us and specifically designed to support language acquisition. SIMS extends Spanish learning opportunities to homes by providing copy of the music explored in class. The musical curriculum iterates weekly and changes seasonally, and parents will receive a seasonal CD accompanied by a booklet containing Spanish Lyrics and English translations.

Loving Specially Educated Teachers

Our multicultural, diverse, experienced, and qualified native-speaking educators and staff provides a unique opportunity for our students to learn first-hand the similarities and differences among Latin cultures. Montessori teachers facilitate children’s curiosity by matching individual lessons to individual children. They carefully observe each child’s development to prepare an environment which is especially responsive to the needs of the children it serve.

Child-Centered and Child-Directed Curriculum

Children choose the material of interest to them and are introduced to new materials in the classroom when is developmentally appropriate for the child.

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to ensure a high quality early childhood environment.