Our programs offer developmentally age-appropriate activities for children ages 15 months – 5 years.

untitled-3Montessori well known as “Education for Life” is good for all children. They will reach their fullest potential at their own special and unique pace. The multiage grouping at SIMS allows each child to find their own pace without feeling ahead or behind in relation to other children in their own classroom.

All kinds of intelligences and styles of learning are nurtured with our “prepared Environment” Children learn to take care of themselves, their environment and each other: moving gracefully, speaking politely, cooking, cleaning, building, gardening, being considerate and helpful.

Children in our School learn according to their own individual pace and according to their own interest and choice of activities and work.   We make learning an exciting process of discovery leading the child to concentration, motivation, self-discipline and love of learning.