Our History

Spanish Immersion Montessori School is our dream come true! SIMS is the result of a vision and desire to provide an effective Spanish program in a prepared environment that invites learning. SIMS is a response to the desires of parents who want to expose and immerse children in a second language at an early age.

SIMS founder Jouveth Shortell has been blessed not only with teaching children Spanish for the past 9 years, but also with the opportunity of raising two bilingual daughters. Her journey of teaching a foreign language began when they were very young. It was an easy and exciting journey since they learned in a practical and natural environment. Jouveth’s daughters were her “Guinea pigs”. She was able to learn first-hand  experience what could work or not work when teaching and learning another language. She was also able to practice and improve teachings methods and approach. Having been raised in a Spanish-speaking country, Jouveth also has the experience of learning a second language, which has provided insight into what it is like to learn to read, write, and eventually think in a second language (English in her case).

In 2009, Jouveth designed a two-year Spanish music and movement curriculum called ABC Spanish In Motion. ABC is now a Spanish exposure program designed to connect worlds and minds and is currently being taught in several preschools, elementary school, after school programs, homes and libraries in and around Boston. After several years ABC Spanish In Motion had grown enough that we felt the need to have a physical place where families and children could benefit.

In 2014, we open the doors of our brand new physical space to parents and children that would like to experience this wonderful adventure of exploring and learning a new language and its cultures. We are fortunate to have a great team of Spanish speaking teachers from throughout the Americas to share the program in a weekly basis.

During this regular visits to many schools, we were particularly impressed with the Montessori classrooms and materials. These prepared materials were always neat, clean and organized. Children would go around and about with the materials and freely choosing their work. Children in Montessori classrooms walk as if they were feathers floating in the air. We observed how they joyfully chose their materials and focused on learning. Children look up from time to time while working but get back on track sooner and more diligently than expected, as if they were never interrupted by their imagination. This environment was new, captivating and exciting to me. However, what was most impressing was the fact that these children in Montessori classrooms was how quickly children were absorbing the materials that ABC would share each week. We didn’t have to review older materials as much as expected – there was a difference in these Montessori classrooms.

Thus was born our desire to combine the ABC Spanish in Motion teaching methodology with the benefits of a Montessori education, and the Spanish Immersion Montessori School was born.

SIMS assists the needs of families and their desires to expose their children not just to Spanish, but to Spanish cultures at early age in a prepared environment that is inviting and welcoming.  Spanish Immersion Montessori School has an innovative concept and its mission is to provide a high quality immersion program that exposes children daily to Spanish and Latin American Cultures at an early age as well as the benefits of The “Montessori Method of Education.”   [The Montessori Method aims] to plant a seed of cultural awareness and interest that will grow and will foster diversity and cultural sensitivity within the growing generation. Through compassionate and guided nurturing, [Montessori classrooms] hope to give children, families and community a true passion for multiculturalism and self-leadership.

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, developed a method of teaching based on her scientific observations of young children’s behavior. Her first “Children’s House” was established in Rome in 1907. She found children learned best in a homelike environment filled with developmentally appropriate materials that provide experiences, which contribute to the growth of self-motivated, independent learners.

Maria Montessori believed …that children are naturally good, naturally peaceful, and naturally motivated to learn.”  

Dear parents, our dream has been realized. We are open, enrolling and welcoming families and children to explore the world with us. We aim to support your children’s quest to be socially, emotionally, and academically fulfilled individuals who make a positive contribution to family and society. Our contribution to this journey is through offering an environment where your children can grow, learn, and explore all in Spanish!